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The success of your pitch is highly dependent on how good your presentation is. In general, such decks have to be short but highly impactful. You can achieve this with a 10 slide pitch deck. Yes, this is the case where more is not better, and you'll be well off with only 10 slides.

Here are the slides you need to make to create a great 10 slide pitch deck:

  • Introduction:

    A short part where you say what the business's name is and what you do. Keep it this short, and don't waste any time with this section.

  • The Solved Issue:

    Every professional presentation service solves a particular issue. So, explain what the issue that your business addresses and successfully solves is.

  • The Exclusiveness Point:

    To be successful, every company has to offer something exclusive to its competitors. Discuss what's so special about your company that makes your offerings stand out on the market.

  • Business Hierarchy and Processes:

    This slide should be dedicated to how your company operates. This encompasses the departments, main interactions, workflow, and operational processes.

  • Statistical Figures:

    At this point, it's a great idea to show all the market research you've done to prove that the business will be successful with funding. It's common to see data visualization at this point of the 10 slide pitch deck.

  • Analysis of the Competition:

    Of course, your pitch deck has to contain an analysis of your current competitors. You have to show how your company is better than what's already out there through the analysis.

  • Milestones:

    This is where you show you potential milestones and deadlines of corporate development. Your goals should be defined and easy-to-get on the slide.

  • Projected Profits:

    Of course, milestones alone won't be enough to persuade investors. You also have to include projected profits. A line graph is best for this task.

  • Investment Goals:

    At this point, you've conveyed all the necessary information for investors to make up their minds. Disclose to them investment goals and what your company currently needs.

  • Meet the Team:

    Lastly, include the company's team profile to make the 10 slide pitch deck more personal.


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