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College admissions recruiters are always managing one or more recruiting territories.

To attract the biggest number of prospective students, they employ various techniques, including creating and giving an admissions presentation.

Of course, this kind of slide show professional is much more than a usual entrepreneurial pitch in a business setting. Recent high school graduates surely require a different approach both in how you interact with them and create the admissions presentation itself.

When it comes to creating an admissions presentation specifically, there are some unique aspects that you have to consider. First and foremost, you have to fill your slide deck with excitement about your educational establishment.

You have to convey the idea that the school you're representing is the perfect choice for all students. This can be done by explicitly sharing impressive facts about the establishment and comparing it in different metrics with other schools.

The next important aspects come from the fact that students come to universities for the education and college experience. This is why sharing real-life stories, and relatable occurrences from current and previous students' lives is a good idea. Often, admissions recruiters are accompanied by the school's current students to better relate to the potential students by answering questions and discussing their student life.

Moreover, you have to talk about future possibilities for potential students. After all, college is only the beginning of student's professional lives. It lays a foundation on which whole lives are built. College admissions recruiters simply can't ignore this notion because they will quickly lose interest. Future jobs, alumni networks, internship opportunities – all have to find their way into the admissions presentation.

Lastly, be ready to address objections.

Of course, when you're promoting a certain school by saying, It's better than the other ones, you'll find that some people will be ready to bring up some facts that disprove your arguments. So, be prepared to think on your feet during the presentation and later incorporate the objections into the deck of slides to avoid such situations in the future.


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