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No matter what program you'll be pitching your business idea presentation, the main concepts stay the same. Be it PowerPoint, KeyNote, or Google Slides presentation – you have to keep to a couple of universal points about pitching ideas. Here's a quick rundown of what you want to do before and during the presentation pitch.

  • Understand who you're giving the presentation to

  • If you know who you're giving the presentation to, you can use it to your advantage. Do some research on the ventures they've worked in and the brands they may be associated with. Knowing the most prevalent characteristics of the audience you're pitching your business idea to adapt your pitch accordingly. For example, young innovators and corporate enterprise people require different approaches.

  • Address shortcomings

  • If there are potential shortcomings in your business idea, you should address these transparently and show that you have an alternate course of action set up. Indicating that you've foreseen all the potential problems will show that you have made arrangements for each possible turn.

  • Know your figures

  • Make sure that you're comfortable and confident with all the numbers so much so that you have them memorized by heart. You have likewise to be prepared to respond to any questions as the presentation is happening.

  • Research the market

  • To avoid awkward realization during the pitch of your business idea, like finding out that there is an identical business to your idea, you have to take an in-depth look at the market and competition before you even think about doing a pitch. These days it's viewed quite rare to encounter an absolutely unique idea, so set aside the time and effort to review all options for the model of your business. By identifying unique offerings of your idea, you'll be able to impress and captivate your listeners more easily.


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