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There are many ways to present a business strategy.

There are also many wrong ways. However, when you focus on the 5 main points of an enterprise strategy, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, you can go as minimalistic as having only 6 slides in the deck to show (each for the important point) and still have an engaging presentation.

What are the 5 elements needed to be incorporated into your business strategy presentation?

They're the following:

  • What has to be done;
  • Market research;
  • Main methodologies;
  • Visualization;
  • Details.

What has to be done:

this part is all about giving a clear and direct definition of the work up ahead. Specific goal(s) and problem(s) to deal with. You can go as simple with this as two sentences, or you can include a single picture that will clearly show what you're trying to tackle. Try to keep this part short and to-the-point.

Market research:

any business strategy should have a basis in detailed market research. If you're at the point where you're making your deck of slides, you should have already conducted all the necessary research – the only thing left is to integrate it into the presentation. You must remember that figures and facts alone don't mean anything – they need a narrative.

Main methodologies:

this part is the first one that actually talks about your business strategy. It's the main principles and ideas behind your strategy. Be concise and have impactful slides. Don't write out every detail – talk it out.


at this point, inserting an infographic how the progression of your strategy is absolutely the right choice. It will help your listeners understand how your strategy for the business will evolve as time goes on.


the last section should include the details you haven't mentioned yet. More important metrics, statistics, explanations to the main methodologies, and, of course, a calendar for the milestones in your strategy.


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