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Rubrics are most commonly used by teachers, tutors, and professors to grade and score their students objectively.

However, they can be useful outside of the education sector and help people create impactful and engaging presentations on just about any topic. You can employ a rubric for presentation to ensure that you're on the right track when you're only preparing the deck of slides itself.

How? You simply outline yourself (or, optionally, find on the internet) the most important aspects of the presentation, then you create the presentation and check which rubrics you pass well and which you failed. After that, you edit and improve your presentation to fit your pre-defined rubric for presentation.

When creating a rubric for presentation, remember that it has to mirror your perfect presentation ideas.

After you come up with a list of aspects, you can ask other people whether you've missed something or not. Use the rubric for presentation on every stage as you're making and improving your deck of slides.

After some time, you won't even need to use the rubric because you'll eventually internalize all the points. Also, don't be afraid to include some aspects that are outside of the presentation itself, like staying calm and collected throughout the presentation slides or keeping the listeners engaged, and so on.

To get you started, here are some positive rubrics you can judge your presentation on:

  • There are no spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in the slide deck.

  • Information is presented clearly and concisely on each separate slide.

  • Each slide doesn't have too much text and is cohesive in design.

  • The overall design of the presentation is appealing and not jarring.

  • Your notes are rich and full of content, with main ideas highlighted.

  • Your body language signifies that you're confident and collected.


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