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How to Create a Business Presentation PPT Like a Pro?

A business presentation PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) is an important type of formal communication used to deliver a message regarding a company, service, product, or any other valuable business information in an appealing and structured form.

A good presentation deck will usually contain visuals, such as audio and video. In business, presentations are made for internal and external purposes. At work, preparing presentations is an integral part of any corporate workflow. It helps coworkers, entire departments, managers, and owners exchange important information in a way that everyone will understand.

On the other hand, when communicating with an external party, such as a potential customer of a business partner, business presentation slides will be used to persuade a buyer that your service or product is worth buying.

Whether you're a start-up entrepreneur, venture investor, C-level executive, or an office worker, at one point or another, you'll have to deliver a business presentation or two. So it's crucial to know why exactly you have to do it.

Why do you need a professional business presentation?

Among the key goals of any business presentation are:

  • Employee training.
  • Sharing information or insights.
  • Showing data, figures, and numbers.
  • Presenting a product to a focus group.
  • Presenting a business plan.
  • Presenting market research.
  • Launching a new product or service.
  • Annual/monthly/weekly reporting.
  • Sharing numbers during an annual stakeholders meeting, etc.

Now let's get to which types of business presentations are there.

Types of presentations in business:

In general, there are 5 types of business presentations.
step 1

Group presentation

If a group of coworkers or a team wish to present their findings or any other vital information to a wider audience, they can deliver a group presentation
step 2

Persuasive presentation

When you want to persuade your boss or team-members to adopt a new workflow or start using new marketing instruments, for example, you might want to rely on ethos, pathos, and logos to succeed.
step 3

Informative presentation

The purpose of such a presentation is to educate the audience. This can relate to new product features, target market analysis, or a competitor report.
step 4

Communication presentation

A business communication presentation usually aims to highlight new trends for keeping a safe and positive workplace environment. Most of the time, such content will be drawn up and shared by Human Resource specialists for internal corporate purposes.
A professional business presentation is usually delivered using such design tools and PowerPoint or Google Slides. This software allows you to create visually catchy and informative presentations quickly.

15 business presentation ideas to use in 2021

Many times it happens that there are a couple of days left until the presentation date and yet you've done... absolutely nothing! The deck is empty, not a single slide was created, but your superior has already sent you an email about how excited she is about your future presentation and how much of a big deal it is for your career. Ouch!

But don't worry - we've got you covered! Check out 15 great ideas to give a solid presentation business executives, each and all of them, will appreciate and find useful.

Personalize your deck.

There are thousands of PPT's found on the internet. Some of them are great and some don't. But even the greatest stuff you don't pay for needs to be worked on and personalized to tailor to your, undoubtedly, high-profile audience. So, even if you download slides online, make sure you put work in.

Follow the 10 20 30 PPT rule.

The 10 20 30 PowerPoint rule by Guy Kawasaki states that a great presentation should contain 10 slides, be delivered in 20 minutes, and made using a 30-point font.

Choose fonts carefully

Besides the font size, it's necessary to find a great font style that will boost the overall level of professionalism of your deck. Go for sans serif font families and don't forget to check out the best business presentation PowerPoints fonts in 2021.

Structure your business presentation slides

In advance, think through what information will be featured on your 10 slides, which you'll be using for your PPT, according to Guy Kawasaki. The PPT structure should contain a problem, solution, business model, underlying magic/technology, marketing and sales, competition, team, projections and milestones, status and timeline, summary, and a call to action.

Add visuals

Any professional deck should contain visuals. It could be an audio or video, infographics, GIF's, charts, graphs, tables, images, etc.

Rely on storytelling

Especially when communicating to an external audience, it's important to tell a story of your brand. Also, before getting to the main part of your presentation, you can tell a short topic-related story. Everyone loves a good story!

Establish credibility

Everything you say in a presentation has to be backed up with facts, examples of work you put in, results, and, most preferably, containing solid numbers! At the end of the day, managers and business owners would like to know how much money this new service, product, or instrument will make for them.

Learn your presentation by heart.

Have you ever seen a person delivering a sloppy presentation not knowing what are they talking about and without any effort shown to do the job well? Don't be that person! Rehearse how you deliver a presentation until you know it by heart. The audience will most definitely notice your assiduity and thank you after the meeting.

Fetch notes.

If you can't remember your whole presentation (which is absolutely okay!), make notes to have a quick peek from time to time during the meeting. Also, some people in the audience might want to have a copy of your notes, for reference needs, too!

Keep it cheerful.

To bring home your point to the business public, everything has to be on point. Including your charisma, confidence, posture, and body language. If anything upsets you or if it was a generally bad day at work, do your best to leave it outside the conference room and deliver a stunning presentation no matter what!

Communicate naturally.

A presentation deck isn't one of your college essays - there should be no place for witty passages and academic language. The key point here is to use plain English to deliver a complex message in a simple way. It's not the words that matter, it's the message!

Proofread a lot.

As far as a little typo goes, it can ruin your entire presentation. The business public is mostly unforgiving in terms of mistakes, whether it's your direct job duties or poor spelling. Just think about it.

Seek one of your coworker's feedback.

In order to avoid cases as described in the previous point, as well as to generally improve the quality of your deck, ask a friend or colleague to proofread your presentation.

Make sure your business presentation PPT runs 100% well

We've seen a lot of people fainting when, during an important stakeholder meeting, their presentation refused to work. Fonts didn't render correctly; videos and animated charts just didn't work; images shifted from their initial positions and distorted text content in the process; an old version of PowerPoint accidentally crashed, you name it! To never experience any of this, test your slides deck, fonts, and visuals on several devices, preferably including the one you'll be using during the main event.

Tell them what to do next.

A presentation should end with a call-to-action. The best way to end a presentation is to highlight the steps to be made in order to achieve the goals and objectives you've been telling about for the past 20 minutes.

Doesn't sound like a mission impossible, right? Knowing these easy tips will help you create great a presentation deck for your business needs.

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