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We help business owners, startups, marketers, and educators present their ideas in the most appealing way.

Our presentation design services

Have your presentation redesigned, improved or created from scratch by our powerpoint service.

Redesign of your
Ideal if you have a presentation prepared but want it to look more professional.
Presentation from your material
(design + content)
Perfect if you have research findings and all the reference material and just need to make it into a presentation.
Presentation from scratch
(design + research + content)
Best option if you only have a theme or an idea for your presentation and need custom design and content.
Before & After
Move the slider to see how we transform business PowerPoint presentations for our customers. The original slide is on the left, and our improved version is on the right.
Before & After
Move the slider to see how we transform business PowerPoint presentations for our customers. The original slide is on the left, and our improved version is on the right.
Before & After
Move the slider to see how we transform business PowerPoint presentations for our customers. The original slide is on the left, and our improved version is on the right.
Before & After
Move the slider to see how we transform business PowerPoint presentations for our customers. The original slide is on the left, and our improved version is on the right.
Before & After
Move the slider to see how we transform business PowerPoint presentations for our customers. The original slide is on the left, and our improved version is on the right.

Explore our custom slide samples

We create presentations on any topic and always meet our clients’ needs.

Ballard Power Systems


Amazone Web Services Deck


Mixpanel Pitchdeck


Nursing Theory


String Theory is Retared


Blood Donation


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Our services

At SlidePeak, we work with start-ups, managers, marketers, analysts, and other individuals to find their voice and tell their story through great designs in any software.

Business slides
Provide your prospects with clear, professional business presentation PowerPoints that show them exactly how your company can help.
Pitch deck design
Become the next best start-up with an original, pixel-perfect pitch deck design that nails the unique value proposition of your idea.
PPT presentations
Choose a PPT slide design service with your brand in mind. We can help you gear your branding efforts to the audience's tastes.
Google Slides deck
Get 100% customizable, feature-rich Google Slides design you can access, edit and present from any modern browser or mobile device.
Standalone ppt
Let your slides speak for you. Get a powerful PowerPoint pitch deck containing only the most important info.
Custom templates
Mesmerize your audience with stylish, personalizable custom PowerPoint templates tailored to your needs by ppt design experts.
Powerpoint redesign
Have slides that need a refresh? Opt for professional PowerPoint redesign and get a modern, eye-catching ppt within just 12 hours.
Data visualization
Our experts in data visualization in PowerPoint can help you convey data with the help of charts, graphs, diagrams, bars, mind maps, etc.
Keynote presentations
Grab the listener's attention with a stunning Keynote presentation design that can be easily synced with all your Mac devices.

What is the power of a presentation design?

Tell your story
Recruiting a powerpoint presentation services is a great way to tell your story. Provide us with all the details about your corporate branding, philosophy, goals, and keynotes. SlidePeak will craft a memorable presentation, slideshow, or Google slides to inspire your employees, clients, and investors.
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Present your work
A quarterly report is up, and you're out of ideas? Yearly results have to be displayed in an unambiguous way, and you need something more professional than an Excel file with numbers? Say SlidePeak “do my presentation” to get an impressive professional services presentation in 24+ hours.
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Build a strong image
Transform presentation design services into your reputation-boosting tool. Never spend too much time looking for images online or creating content for your PowerPoint presentation as it can be done for you in the shortest time possible. Place your order, and the rest is on us.
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Support your ideas
Have an idea of how to boost sales or performance? Hire a presentation deck design service and get a splendid slideshow that covers all the main points. Reach out to your boss with a solid offer supported by thorough research, graphs, charts, and content that’s impossible to ignore.
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Your idea deserves a brilliant presentation design and pro help

Whether it’s an academic project or business proposal, we can create a presentation that perfectly serves its purposes.

Read more about our values
All disciplines
We work on every presentation with the utmost care and cover any topic or discipline.
On-time delivery
You can track the process and discuss it step-by-step with our creative team.
Detail-oriented experts
To create fine presentations, we conduct thoughtful research on each topic.
Complex projects
We have experts to help you with calculations, data analysis, or research.
Trendy design
Our creative solutions are based on recent researches in design and perception.
Financial guarantees
If our presentation doesn’t meet your requirements, you can get a refund.

Delivering well-made presentations for all fields

Powerful, effective, and customized to your needs.

For business
For teachers
For students
For business

With, you get a dedicated and motivated team focused on finding the best way to make your business presentation actually work. Our process starts with understanding your individual needs and business goals. We transform your implicit expertise into explicit, simple, and clear so that your audience can make the decision you expect.

From designing one-page infographics to creating pitch decks — we cover all business-related topics and visualize data of all kinds.

We create custom-made presentations tailored specifically to your niche, precisely following your corporate style guide, tone of voice, and requirements. And a completely editable format allows you to update the delivered presentation by yourself.

pitch deck sales presentation marketing presentations 30-60-90 day plan business plan budget presentations
For teachers

We help educators present their study material in a more engaging way, accompanying lectures with professional, good-structured presentations.

Attention to detail, proper data visualization, clear structure, embedded videos, topic-based illustrations, and easy to edit slides is what makes our presentations so unique.

Having accumulated expertise while working with teachers of different disciplines and teaching for different academic levels, we know how to deliver a presentation that will meet all your needs.

Save time and focus on content creation while we'll help you present your ideas most effectively!

lecture presentation course presentation lessons plan presentation research presentation interactive planner case presentation
For students

We create presentations for almost all disciplines and academic levels: from Business to Healthcare, from BA to Ph.D.

If you need to present your research in the best way, meeting all academic standards, we can help you succeed. Our designers can organize your thoughts and your research in a clear and concise way by structuring slides, creating contrast, adding charts, graphs, and other visuals.

We can also advise you on content, edit, proofread, or redesign your presentation, and help with speaker notes.

thesis presentation dissertation defense presentations research paper presentation admission presentation

Our customers' testimonials

We are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers!
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SlidePeak presentation services: creating a story for your business

As an owner of a business idea, project, or service, you put a lot of time and dedication into every detail. Planning, analyzing the market, bringing a team of experts together – that’s always a tough challenge even for a seasoned pro.

So, by the time you have to pitch your huge project to investors or your target audience, you might already be quite exhausted and deeply buried in details. Recruit presentation design service to bring a fresh perspective and highlight the essentials in your custom slideshow.

Who will do my presentation content and design?

SlidePeak design services is a professional team with extensive experience in the market. We work as your partners, striving to boost your performance and provide you with the best visual representation of any project.

Who will be my copywriter? Our copywriters are experienced in producing short, on-point texts for any industry, topic, or project. They are here to make your speech memorable, well-argued, and convincing. Provide us with anything you've got – an old presentation, pieces of material, or just an inspiring idea – and they will help with crafting a whole story behind your project.

Who will be my designer? Our designers are well-trained experts in their field, able to create the best visuals of any complexity, impress your audience and make your presentation 100% engaging. They can integrate your corporate branding and your organization’s philosophy into the PPT slides, so it will be no different from in-house production. Also, if you are not sure what design style you are looking for, they can suggest options and help you choose the right style that meets your specific design needs.

Never lose your listeners’ attention with the A-level slideshow created under your custom request. Work alongside the presentation professionals and take over your target audience.

Light up the essentials with custom presentation design

Leading PowerPoint design services exist to create a solid ground for your presentation. What we do is take your brilliant idea and transform it into a well-crafted custom visual. The industry you work in, your target audience, the keynote, and your company – that’s what creates our framework. SlidePeak experts develop on-point content and perfect visuals to highlight the most important parts of your speech. Get the perfect balance of text and visuals crafted for you in due time by professional presentation design services.

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