PM diary part 1: create a budget presentation in PowerPoint
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PM diary part 1: create a budget presentation in PowerPoint

Investors, lenders, and all company’s stakeholders are mostly interested in the revenue they get, so they tend to rely on exact numbers prior to real investments and other contributions. They have many different opportunities to invest in, and they choose the one that is more likely to win. Thus, budget presentation is a correct and effective way to provide a compelling, professional, and differentiated description of the capital they could get after several investments. 

How to make budget for a project in a PowerPoint presentation

A budget presentation PowerPoint has to be clearly targeted toward equity investors and lenders with a lot of appropriate and suitable information. It should be clear and not wordy to catch a person’s attention. They are looking for a high-quality project for their portfolio, so you should show you value their time and can fit all necessary info in a couple of sentences, diagrams, graphs, or tables. 

Remember, you are the one looking for investors, so slides need to be credible and concise. You can design them on your own using budget presentation PowerPoint templates or address services of professional presentation agency to save your time and sleep.

One of the main mistakes happens on the statistics and strategy slides since few of them are made easy to follow. Commonly, they are bland, boring, and not able to keep the audience’s attention. It would be frustrating to come up with such a presentation people worked over for a year.

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers.

But nothing really stands out.

  1. Research for previous budget planning PowerPoint presentations to have a confident and reliable database to rely on.
  2. Have a 10-minute conversation with the current team, ask key questions, try to pull out a story, and incorporate that story in the investment presentation.
  3. Create a branded company’s look that resonates with investors in pitch deck design service.
  4. No matter what industry you are in, make a “Highlights” slide that answers all why-questions, demonstrates value drivers (+ threats to them), and calls to action.
  5. Create 3 or 4 different options to invest for every investor to find the most affordable asset and proceed to cooperate with you.
  6. Make your credibility pop out of the proposed budget PowerPoint presentation and leave no questions to potential investors.
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Whether you try to be compelling, differentiate, sell an asset, or raise your capital – concentrate on key information that matters and do not go deep into details. You would not prefer yawning, attention loss, or refusals from stakeholders.

Some potential budget presentation PowerPoint slides include:

  • Channel Marketing Budget.
  • Product Launch Budget Plan.
  • Product Launch Marketing Budget.
  • Budgeting – Planned/Actual Comparison.
  • Company Budget.
  • Event Budget.
  • Social Media Budget.
  • Our Mission.
  • Meet Our Team.
  • About Us.
  • Timeline.
  • Comparison (any you want to look better).
  • Why these leases?

To make the most of these slides, double-check every number for accuracy, use illustrative diagrams and charts, and keep the entire presentation brief. Ten slides are enough to comprise the problem, the proposed budget, and the exact ways the invested capital will provide a solution. 

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