Presenting paper research using PowerPoint: best practices
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Presenting paper research using PowerPoint: best practices

How to Write a Research Paper PPT?

To create your research thesis presentation, you have to write it first in the doc version. We recommend starting slides after you’ve collected and structured enough data and findings. You will get tired of changing slides all the time. If you lack time or skills, you can order PowerPoint presentation services.

Text features of the research paper presentation ppt:

  • You have to focus on salient points to deliver valuable data while being on time.
  • You should express gratitude to the organizers and audience at the end.
  • The presentation states the importance/impact of your study (answers ‘so what’ question).
  • It includes not only your findings but also related and credible quotes.
  • It must show your results instead of talking about the literature.
  • It should not include more than two objectives.

Design features of the research paper presentation:

  • A typical research presentation takes up to 15 minutes (better 10).
  • A presentation has to include no more than 25 slides.
  • Do not throw paragraphs on slides and add less than 50 words per slide.
  • Do not display more than two images per slide; add image titles and animation.
  • Do not use fancy font styles less than 30pt: use Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri 48pt.
  • Use consistent and neutral colors and avoid text overlaying images.
  • Do not use multiple-style bullets.
  • Use keywords rather than paragraphs.
  • Be consistent in animation and use the ‘one by one’ animation option.
  • Do not clutter text and organize it according to its relativity.

Research Paper Presentation Outline or Slides to Include

Students and teachers use research papers to share facts, disclose evidence, and present findings interpreted in their own manner. To keep peers’ interest, you have to include only relevant slides and stick to the point.

Examples of slides to include in your research paper ppt:

  • Self-introduction (name, affiliation, country);
  • Study title;
  • Purpose statement;
  • Scope and limitation;
  • Research design and methodology;
  • Research gap;
  • Study significance;
  • Literature review;
  • Theoretical framework;
  • Study objectivity;
  • Research questions;
  • Hypothesis;
  • Questionnaire detail;
  • Conclusion;
  • Recommendations.

It is not a strict outline, and you can omit some slides or add them in another sequence. The point is to add concise slides that reveal your study and deliver its significance due to each slide supplementing the next one and vice versa. And it depends on you how many slides you need to demonstrate it.

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How to Present a Research Paper?

Presentation skills can be your superpower in the research argument delivery. Despite the audience type and size, your task is to defend your thesis and fill your peers with confidence. Indeed, people remember how you make them feel, not your words. Review these paper presentation tips and techniques to deliver a killer research presentation.

Know Your Audience

Sometimes, you will change for your audience, and it’s OK. If you want to be heard and accepted, you have to consider people’s backgrounds, interests, or even the average age. Therefore, discover and analyze who your audience is and the exact information they need before the presentation. Using the right terminology and knowledge level will set a connection between you and people because the worst thing you can do is to present to people who hear your subject first. Nobody likes to feel stupid, so always think about who will be in the room.

Tell a Story

After you’ve defined your audience, the next task is to make your research a story with structure. People will not remember figures or words as strong as they can remember the story with a typical story structure. If you can adjust your research paper slides to a necessary outline, you will attract the audience and make them remember you. If you doubt slides design, never hesitate to get a professional look or PowerPoint redesign from the agency.

Follow the next simple story structure:

  • AND: include background with statements so that people understand what you’re saying.
  • BUT: add the biggest possible and emotional problem statement your research is solving.
  • THEREFORE: provide relief and present a solution to the problem you’ve set up.

Those are elementary steps to telling a story that flows. Besides, they will help you not to get lost or muddled up about your presentation with plenty of research data.

Energy Structure

If you want to capture their attention immediately, you have to practice and find a balance between a noisy man that erases any boundaries and a static person without emotions. You have to demonstrate your interest in the research and, thus, engage people till the presentation ends. An emotional and impactful statement is what people will remember, not the table you’ve designed for 5 hours for the research paper writing ppt part.


As we’ve mentioned, people will remember not what you’ve said but how you’ve made them feel. Therefore, you have to both develop your slides and inject the necessary mind-thinking into your process of creating the research presentation. A creative story and attractive slides always increase the impactfulness of what you’re saying.

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