PM diary part 2: kick-off meeting
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PM diary part 2: kick-off meeting

To conduct an effective and resultative project, everyone must be ready. But, what does it really mean in scopes of your connections with your team and stakeholders? Here is where the need for a productive and cool project kick off meeting presentation arises. Everyone should be aware of timing, aims, boundaries, risks, and constraints to get that business together. Kick off meeting presentation ppt is an initial and critical stage for the project to get to the cold hard facts and all other details required to be discussed for efficient and reciprocal cooperation. 

Many projects end up unsuccessful because people understand what should be done but have no idea how to realize all steps together. That is why, a focus on the project’s purposes, requirements, outlook, motives, and other relevant info is prescribed. The meeting is also a great opportunity to demonstrate to your client’s agency they’ve made a correct choice by such type of solid preparation. You can search for kick off meeting presentation templates or address professional custom presentation agencies to come up with beautiful and telling material. In both cases, we recommend conducting two kick off meetings: internal team and external stakeholder gatherings. 

A successful kick off meeting includes:

  • Introduction.
  • Project goals review and discussion.
  • The project scope review.
  • Project risks discussion.
  • Communication plan and preferences review.
  • Process and plan overview.
  • Next steps discussion. 
  • Open Q&A.
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Internal team kick off meeting presentation

There is always a manager of the project or the person who sold or initiated such an idea setup. Internal team or project management kick off meeting presentation is where you discuss with people the actual reason for doing this activity, disclose all details, and understand the role of everyone to get this deal. Creative approaches are generated here to succeed, comply with expectations, and plan the effort to stay within the scope. Additionally, people will have questions about the client or client’s organization to comprehend and estimate the responsibility scope. So, it is high time to ask all to manage expectations.


External stakeholder kick off meeting presentation

An hour-long meeting is a session necessary to get clients and shareholders together to set an agenda and review the way you will manage their project. It should be straightforward and introductive at its core. It is more like an audit kick off meeting presentation where you rely on objectives, define everyone’s goal, represent a team, coordinate financial statements, and define the general timeline.

Alternative to a standard meeting described above is a creative and more in-depth gathering or extended workshop. You can implicate the stakeholders in generating ideas and deliberating preferences. It will make them feel like a part of the overall big process. Besides, it will build prospective relationships between agencies and clients; that is why a workshop can last up to few days. 

You should devote considerable time and collect enough details for creating a presentation prior to the kick off meeting or transferring this task to design services. It is compulsory to show to stakeholders the team’s talent and expertise and the way it will make their project prosperous. 

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