How to create weekly status report template
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How to create weekly status report template

While doing an overview of projects made and products designed during one week, the majority addresses weekly report templates or presentation design services to organize data. Indeed, it helps to validate ideas because relying on sole intuition is not appropriate for business. Budgeting and marketing strategies, product design and growth strategies – each of them requires managers and their teams to pin their hopes on facts.

A weekly summary of results is important to estimate mistakes to avoid and achievements to consolidate. Besides, employees should utilize such a format of analysis to overlook their own flaws from another perspective and elaborate on the more effective weekly work plan, if necessary. An experienced leader understands the difference between “facts” and “opinions about facts”, so such a written update gives an exact overlook of the team’s activity during the week.

Why weekly activities report?

A beautifully designed report will both make a lasting impression on stakeholders and present more understandable material. In its essence, a weekly work report is an instrument enabling managers to measure the effectiveness and performance of employees. Engaging and descriptive results’ review will help to interact with the team and consumers more effectively. Weekly status report templates PPT with data visualization slides are great to organize, analyze, and summarize data for the audience to perceive and remember easier. are also of great variety now. Using visualization of data, processes, and concepts to make the material more understandable and visually appealing guarantees interest and encouragement of stakeholders.

How to make a weekly report format eye-catching but still true?

There is a difference between the work itself and the results achieved. There is no week the same as a previous one, so numbers will differ, and achievements will not juxtapose. It can be easy to get stuck in the little things that need to be done during the day. That is why it is useful to keep track of what was done in the week – to note all the successes and difficulties (especially, when working remotely).

Additionally, different types of status reports, like the project or weekly sales reports, are frequently reported out when made for the first time. It is necessary to both sustain weeks’ distinctions and analyze/perceive them to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Practice makes perfect. And it is not Vincent Willem Gogh’s quote but life’s feature. You should not get discouraged if it takes a long time to compile an attractive but still meaningful report.

Using weekly status report templates, life becomes easier and brighter. You can redesign it over and over again for other purposes. Spend more time once to choose weekly report examples appropriate for most report types. Then, try to make a universal design to put currently existing data changes to suit your goals. You can use online Charts Builder or Excel to transform datasets into illustrative material. As a result, you will get a laconic and effective report that stakeholders can quickly familiarize themselves with.

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The main ingredients of delicious and effective weekly report template

Save God the Internet and services making templates, everyone can google now a template of the report of any color, size, layout, font, etc. They are simple, free, bright, concise, extended, etc. The weekly progress report can be as detailed as you like. Moreover, every week you will have, if not the same, then a similar set of tasks. The perfect template you choose has to include categorized tasks: completed tasks, current, and tasks for the next week.  

The writing part demands more effort, so let’s go through the most critical points to get started and finished with the perfectly filled template:

  • Know your direction and audience 

A few prefer long reports, so its creator has to know the goal. Commonly, the goal is to inform the management and stakeholders in their language about some project path, current achievements, and plans with deadlines.

  • Recognize your responsibilities

Your role has to be crystal to the audience to understand your real contribution and exact tasks presented in the weekly summary report. Besides, it becomes easier for management to match your responsibilities with those of other employees to have a complete project picture. They want to know every phase is followed, so making sure everything is under control will be a plus for your report.

  • Be straightforward and transparent in data

As it was mentioned above, long reports are rarely interesting. Moreover, you are not the only person management wants to listen to, so being plain and simple in your language will be evaluated. Of course, your report must be free of grammatical or spelling mistakes to be as easy to comprehend as possible.

  • Create layout

Presenting a few crumpled and slightly understandable paragraphs creates an ambiguous impression. Most commonly, it suggests you hardly understand the issue. Good weekly progress report templates or self-made bullet points will be counted in your karma, saving the boiled brains of your stakeholders from reading or listening to multiple reports. Also, create a layout prioritizing the week’s main points to consider or discuss.

  • Use compelling manner to fill it out

Except for bullet points, headings and subheadings are mostly welcomed for the audience to look through the report essentials and grasp its main idea quickly. Words must be correct, sentences clear, and paragraphs consistent – no need to include jargon or demonstrate your literary writing. 

Free weekly report examples 

Weekly review templates, content marketing weekly report templates, weekly project status reports, and many others are available online via the first link. It is not hard at all to find the template per all your preferences and project requirements. They are made by credible services to help you measure your KPI, estimate employee performance, elaborate on a profit statement, or create an executive summary. If you like to stand out and be creative, you can also search for a weekly status report template in PowerPoint.

Despite the template you choose, remember that it already gives your report a necessary form, so take care about a unique text. Additional elements can overload it, so key information must be presented simply and understandably. Last but not least, it is a report about your progress – not a possibility to boast of your achievements. Do not hide your contribution to the project but remain humble and rely on exact facts and numbers.

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