How to make a successful resume presentation
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How to make a successful resume presentation

When willing to create a resume with a bright design, you should be careful and discreet. An applicant tracking system is a frequent way HRs look for appropriate candidates, but this machine is poorly reading too hard design. However, having a creative job like a designer or copywriter, a creative resume is a must!

(You ask) What is the solution then?

(I answer) Presentation design agency, of course.

A professional service will never tolerate an absence of composition, chaos from text and images, or low-quality pictures/icons from free stocks. If you still want to try yourself, consider this discussion on how to put a presentation on a resume to stand out from other candidates, delight with creativity, make people memorize your personality, and FINALLY get your dream job.

To begin with, resumes are impersonal and one-dimensional.

Recruiters are sorting through hundreds of resumes daily, getting a first impression in 6 seconds. A resume in ppt is your opportunity to capture the attention of HR specialists for upwards of 60 seconds. As we’ve mentioned, the best option is to address a professional resume writing service that knows the main principles of typography, design, graphics, and color composition. Their expert approach in resume PowerPoint presentations will increase your chances to get an interview invitation significantly.

5 Tips for Effective Resume Writing PPT

If you still want to know how to write a resume PowerPoint by yourself, follow the next 4 tips to avoid typical mistakes in content:

  1. Make sure you have a killer intro.
  2. Make sure all borders are aligned.
  3. Create a story.
  4. Visit YouTube.
  5. Ask for help.

Make sure you have a killer intro

4-step formulae for hook intros in resume presentations:

  • Hook: a metaphor, an analogy, a question, a shocking statistic (about your sphere, vacancy).
  • Transition to topic: the gap between the hook and actual resume start (I tell that story because…, I am applying because…).
  • Self-introduction: you know your audience, so include 2-3 facts that relate directly to their interest (do not give an irrelevant bio of your childhood and focus on vacancy-related skills).
  • Audience benefit: be specific and tell the audience why they should even care/what they will gain from this presentation and cooperation with you.

Make sure all borders are aligned

If you want to use the text over color boxes or tables or lines, make sure the presentation looks the same when you upload it. Some people make a big mistake: they finish creating a presentation, close the file, and never reopen it further. However, different versions of PowerPoint on your and HR PC may play a bad joke with your application. Try to open your work with different devices to ensure all elements are aligned.

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Create a story

You are a personality who has accomplishments. Yes, do not even dare to hesitate or deny this fact. You’ve seen something, you’ve tried something, you’ve succeeded in something. Gather together your experience and achievements in a logical sequence, accompany with compelling images/icons, and refrain from information chaos. Meanwhile, make your best to fit into 90-120 seconds.

Visit YouTube

Everything has already been invented before us, so you don’t need to think out days and nights to come up with something new. We advise you to gain benefit from the above statement and visit YouTube. People record many useful and concise videos to develop their channels and help you. There are both short instructions and detailed 1-hour tutorials on content distribution and design creation. Just give it a try!

Ask for help

Focus on content and delegate design to a presentation design agency. It is OK to lack proficiency in presentation creation being a full-stack developer or an accountant. Hiring professionals is a keystone to success, sleepy nights, and more decisive skills improvement.

If you have any doubt that your presentation resume might not be your absolute best foot forward, always send this task to an experienced pitch deck designer to avoid disappointment. Let us be clear, a PowerPoint resume is not a replacement for a traditional resume – it is just a bright and attractive enhancement. And it is definitely worth an investment!

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