Perfect pitch deck design: structure and 12 tips
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Perfect pitch deck design: structure and 12 tips

Perhaps, a pitch deck is an essential document for every company. Your potential investors are introduced to your business with it. In other words, it is a kind of hook for every potential investor to draw their attention.

How does the ideal pitch deck look like?

There is no such notion as a perfect pitch deck because every concrete pitch deck must be customized according to the audience. In other words, it must be as personalized as possible to impress potential investors.

Shape your pitch deck according to the audience that will view and listen to this information. When you assess your audience, please check out the following things:

Whether the audience knows your market well? You should get to know what percentage of the presentation to dedicate to educating your audience. They must get familiar with your business with the help of your pitch deck presentation.

What is the type of audience to present your pitch deck? There is a big difference between showing your pitch at a meeting and tet-a-tet. Make sure you are aware of how many people will take part in the presentation.

The 12 areas to cover when creating a pitch deck:

Premium level summary slides

Show your business’s benefits and provide your audience with a brief summary in the first two slides. You should present the preliminary information and critical points of your pitch deck and draw the audience’s attention with an engaging hook.

The issue you are trying to tackle

The size and number of the slides in your pitch deck dedicated to providing a solution to the problem depend on the type of audience. It might be either two or four slides. You should define the pain and generate a solid way out to a particular issue on the market. You should make the audience of your pitch deck aware that they spend too many bucks on the market’s defective products, but there is a great way out. As long as current businesses do not address these pains, you offer your investors to invest money in your business to tackle the problem quickly. In other words, your pitch deck should prove to your audience that there is a real opportunity to make big money.

Your product

Tell your audience how different your product is from the competitors’ ones. You should convince it that your product can solve the current issue better. This is the most crucial part of your pitch deck for your potential investor, either to entice or not. Try to be critical in composing this section of your deck. Ask yourself as many questions as possible to prepare the presentation well and be ready to meet challenges. Make sure all the questions are answered in your pitch deck.

Strategy & Marketing

As soon as you made your audience interested in your business model and product, try to showcase your marketing strategy. Writing this pitch deck part, you should demonstrate how you plan to roll the product out and the way you want to capture the market share.


Investors are looking for the most professional and friendly team. They want to invest in your dedication and passion. In a few slides of a pitch deck, emphasize your team’s strong points to convince the potential investors that your team is worth investing in.


Your credibility will be boosted if your pitch deck will include meaningful projections about your business. In these slides, you should show the capital’s appreciation and the way you want to deploy it to meet the vital milestones. Your audience must feel that you understand all the financial metrics well.

The tone of a pitch deck

Figure out the proper tone for your particular audience. Make sure your pitch deck is not dull and dry. Draw the audience’s attention and play with it. Ideally, you should show your personality, but be creative at the same time.

Use powerful photos for your pitch deck

Convey the message through visuals. With inspirational photos, you should convince the audience about the product’s value. Use your slides with photography as supporting material. You should make sure the audience listens to you but not is overwhelmed by the slides. Support each point with a single photo. Add a minimum of the text to your pitch deck.

Utilize white space, contrast, and accurate colors

Find the right pitch deck design that might work for you. Your text must be legible. So have enough contrast between the opposite text color and background color. For instance, you might use yellow text and black background color. Avoid putting too many elements on one slide. Provide every part with enough space.

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Prepare efficient typography and content

Design is less important than the content in any presentation. So prepare the content separately first. Elaborate on the story you are telling. Begin to design a pitch deck, using it as a background. Present your content with proper typography. To be more readable, utilize a sans-serif font. Make sure the sizing is correct. For instance, the font size must be large enough for everyone to read the context.

You have 20 minutes for a pitch deck

You are limited to twenty minutes to present your pitch deck. Even if you can present your pitch deck for an hour, you still must do it in twenty minutes. You should do it as long as it supposes you to be concise and clear, keep the audience engaged with a fresh mind. If you spend a longer time, it will be more complicated to convince the audience.

Use the rule of three

Note that people tend to remember everything that is arranged in groups of three elements. For instance, you might describe your product’s benefits like this: premium quality, sustainable, and gorgeous. Use this rule when you design a pitch deck. Summarize the main points of a pitch deck in three elements. Do not use bullet points too often. Just add three illustrations and product screenshots instead of composing long lists with features.

How to get the best pitch deck presentation?

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