What’s a B2B presentation, and how to have the perfect one?
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What’s a B2B presentation, and how to have the perfect one?

Creating an effective B2B presentation is not always easy! Given that there is more on the line, this type of presentation is often regarded as more demanding than B2C presentations. The decision-makers in the company you are targeting will consider the interests of the entire company, not just their own. Business-to-business presentations, especially those that have to do with sales, must, therefore, be strategic and laser-focused on what you can provide.
We understand how important this task is for your company. That’s why today we’ll walk you through the process of creating ideal B2B presentation slides. Additionally, we’ll share the best advice on delivering impactful presentations from top experts. Let’s get started!

What’s a business-to-business presentation?

A business-to-business (B2B) presentation is a series of carefully crafted slides designed to introduce you and your company and explain how your product or service can help potential clients overcome challenges and transform their businesses.

Whether delivered in person or virtually, the goal is to demonstrate your value proposition, earn their trust, and ultimately close the deal.

What to include in your B2B sales presentation?

Regardless of your industry, your business-to-business presentation has to include the following seven slides to achieve its goals:

1. Clear presentation overview or agenda

Including the key points that will be covered throughout the meeting in the first one to three slides is essential. A clear agenda helps your prospects feel more at ease during the presentation.

2. Introduction to your company

When it comes to making that all-important final decision, the story behind your company and its mission can make all the difference. This slide provides a compelling reason for your audience to listen and trust in your offerings.

3. The problem

An integral component of any B2B PowerPoint presentation is focusing on a pain point. In business-to-business sales, you should already understand your prospects’ problems and why they need your products/services. Use this knowledge to your advantage:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Support your claims with statistics and case studies.
  • Utilize this context to introduce your value proposition.

4. Why us or your solution to the problem

This is where you should actively market yourself and explain to your prospects why they should choose you over a competitor. Your ‘Why Us’ slide should focus on the following points:

  • Your experience in the field.
  • Satisfied customers you’ve worked with; use happy faces.
  • What makes you unique or your main differentiator.
  • The value that you offer.
  • The ease of working with you.

Keep all information in bullet points, as this slide is where your passion and confidence should shine through.

5. The offering or your product/service

Any B2B presentation ppt should include one to three slides covering products or services. Since the goal is to sell your product or service, this section should receive the most focus. Provide a succinct, clear explanation of what your offering includes. Don’t overcrowd slides with text; instead, use bullet points and imagery when possible.

6. Meet the team

A ‘Meet the Team’ slide is an excellent option when selling a service instead of a product. Prospective customers can better envision themselves as your partners when they see the team they’ll be interacting with if they choose to work with you. Keep it brief and include their photos, bios, and qualifications without delving too deeply into detail.

7. Presentation overview and next steps

As your B2B sales presentation comes to an end, you want this company to become a new client. Providing them with a wrap-up of the key points gives you one last chance to remind them of your products and services and how they will ease their lives. It’s also your final opportunity to make a lasting impression. Therefore, focus on what’s next and clearly explain the steps to take. Outline the onboarding process, pricing options, and what comes next. Whether it’s a follow-up email, a phone call, or another meeting, ensure you have a plan.

Before ending your business-to-business presentation, make sure you’ve addressed all potential questions your prospects may have, included a call-to-action and contact information. This may increase their likelihood of being positively engaged with your company.

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Experts insights: How to prepare B2B presentation that converts

While anyone can put together a presentation using Google Slides or PowerPoint, creating a pitch deck that turns prospects into clients demands a sales-driven approach. To ensure your presentation converts effectively, it’s crucial that you do the following:

1. Customize your slides to the industry

If your company provides to different industries, tailoring your slides to the industry and prospect’s specific issues will help make your presentation much more relatable. That’s when having editable master slides like those delivered by our pitch deck design service can be a huge aid.

2. Engage with your audience

Creating an emotional bond with your audience and making your presentation memorable is not just about telling anecdotes. It’s also about providing them with a face and a name they can empathize with. Additionally, engaging with your audience by asking questions or encouraging interaction will give your prospects the impression that their concerns and needs are really taken into account.

3. Create a professional design

When giving a business-to-business presentation, your presentation design matters just as much as your appearance! First impressions are crucial, and the way you design your slides can convey a lot about your business, values, and overall professionalism. So, keep the following points in mind when creating your presentation:

  • Your slides should complement your speech, not serve as a script.

Keep your slides visually appealing and avoid large blocks of text so as not to distract the audience.

  • Quality is more important than quantity.

Only include essential images, videos, charts, etc., that directly connect your product or service with the customer’s needs.

  • Keep your presentation on-brand.

Your sales presentation and the content prospects see on your social media, website, etc., should be consistent. Remember, aligning every element of your presentation with your brand demonstrates attention to detail and care for your reputation.

How to maximize the impact of your presentation

Crafting a professional presentation that achieves its goals is quite a big deal. If you need a truly effective presentation tailored to your industry, needs, and brand, teaming up with qualified experts at our presentation design company is your best investment. Our designers can elevate your presentation from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ within just 24 hours. B2B presentation examples are also available upon request!

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