How to make a successful webinar using a presentation
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How to make a successful webinar using a presentation

When organized correctly, a webinar presentation is an excellent tool for both educating participants on any subject imaginable and attracting new leads. Whether it’s your first time putting up a presentation or you want to enhance your skills, we’ll provide you with the steps and tips you need to become a webinar preparation professional!

how to make a successful webinar using presentation

How to make a webinar presentation: 7 key steps

Creating a presentation necessitates meticulous preparation and planning. However, with these seven steps in mind, you equip yourself to face whatever comes your way:

1. Research your topic

Do research on the subject and note down the essential points. After that, choose a compelling topic. It will help generate more interest and involvement.

2. Create an outline

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare, devote a moment to organizing your webinar PPT presentation by producing an outline and including essential elements such as summaries and key points. The goal here is to help you put your thoughts in order and shape your slides.

3. Work out a template

Company branding, a title slide, a Q&A slide, an index slide containing the agenda, a CTA slide, and a thank you slide are all important elements to include in your template.

If design is not your thing, you can always look for webinar presentation example on the web or consider a professional business PowerPoint presentation service to save time and get guaranteed results.

4. Add quality visuals

Include easy-to-understand tables, graphs, and charts in your presentation. This will help convey your message more effectively.

5. Include a CTA

Calls to action are essential elements of any presentation, including a webinar with PowerPoint, whether educational, training, or product demonstration. They encourage the audience to take action either by visiting your website or purchasing.

6. Review your presentation

Always proofread content for grammatical issues, typos, and inconsistencies for your presentation to look professional. Specialized grammar checker services like Grammarly or professional editors might be of great help.

7. Practise

When you’re done with the steps above, allow ample time to rehearse your presentation. According to a recent study, people are 22 times more likely to recall facts if they are shared as a story.

Expert tip: Record yourself while you practice, then watch your recording to see how you can improve.

Key slides to include in your presentation

No matter what topic you will cover, there are some key slides to include in your presentation. They are as follows:

1. Webinar introduction slide

The “About me” slide is integral to any presentation, including the webinar one. Use it to introduce yourself quickly, share your qualifications and expertise, and explain why you’re the person to host the webinar.

2. Table of contents

A “Table of contents” slide is another essential slide to include in your presentation. That’s a fantastic way to pique the audience’s interest and inform them about the issues you will cover during the webinar. Consider interlinking slides to make your PowerPoint more dynamic and easy to browse for later use.

3. Slides with visuals

One of the webinar presentation best practices is to include visual elements such as graphs, charts, and diagrams to help your audience understand complex ideas and concepts more easily. Therefore, always prefer visuals over walls of text.

4. Slides with quotes

Such slides, especially if they include quotes from trusted sources or loyal customers, can be used for social proof and building credibility with the audience.

5. Q&A slide

Webinar attendees will have questions at the end of the presentation, but they may be too shy to ask them in front of the rest of the audience. So, incorporate a Q&A slide to break the ice and initiate conversation.

6. Call to action

End your presentation with a solid call to action, and you’re halfway to achieving your goals. If you aim to raise brand awareness, your CTA can invite participants to share information about the webinar on social media.

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What makes a good webinar presentation design?

  • Clarity and simplicity: Use legible fonts and eliminate clutter.
  • Visual appeal: Include high-quality graphics and images relevant to the topic.
  • Consistent theme: Maintain the same style and color theme throughout your presentation.
  • Readable content: Make sure your content is large enough to read easily.
  • Storytelling: Arrange slides to tell an engaging story.
  • Compatibility: Strive for compatibility with various webinar platforms, devices, and screen sizes.

6 webinar presentation tips for audience appeal

If appropriately designed, presentation slides are an excellent way to capture and hold the audience’s attention. Here are the top 6 ideas to consider when you create webinar slides:

1. Experiment with formats

Yes, you can utilize text slides to save time, but embracing alternative formats such as diagrams, data charts, images, videos, GIFs, or animation will help you grab your audience’s attention right from the start and make your virtual event more engaging. Experiment with different formats to determine what would help you best deliver your presentation.

2. Highlight important information

Whether it’s critical statistics or a statement, making it big and bold will allow you to better capture your audience’s attention.

3. Avoid overlapping

When designing, make sure to put all essential information in the area where it will not overlap.

4. Be concise

Another great tip is to use bullet points instead of text. Don’t overwhelm your audience with walls of text that they will struggle to read while listening to the presentation.

5. Brand your deck

Branding your presentation is an excellent way to promote visibility, increase recognition, and make a good impression on the audience. So, always place your company logo on slides and use brand colors.

Here’s a good example of webinar presentation in brand colors:

zoom presentation

6. Stick to your schedule

It’s always an excellent move to let attendees know how long the webinar will last. So, share the agenda with them before the event and stick to the time limit to have enough time for the Q&A session.

7. Make your presentation readily available

You’ve put a lot of effort into your presentation. Why not use it more than just once? Record it and allow viewers to access it on demand. Alternatively, you can upload it on specialized platforms to generate more leads in the days, weeks, and even months following the event.

Bonus hints on how to present a great webinar

  • Use interactive features like surveys, chat, polls, and quizzes to boost audience engagement.
  • Make a script you can refer to throughout the presentation if you get distracted.
  • Consider standing for the duration of the entire webinar. It will enhance your posture and voice and make you appear more confident.
  • Keep a glass of water in the hand reach.

By now, you should understand how to give a compelling presentation like a pro. However, if you need any help with polishing or creating memorable slides from scratch, reach out to our pitch deck service for a free consultation and a quote.

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