How to prepare to a Zoom virtual presentation: quick tutorial and recommendations
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How to prepare to a Zoom virtual presentation: quick tutorial and recommendations

Many users see virtual presentations as tortures. Your audience is already so tired of video calls, you can hardly see them, everybody’s on the mute, and everybody just waves in a sad silence at the presentation end.

But it’s the new reality where virtual powerpoint presentations are necessary to organize teams, present the company to new clients, give pitches to new investors, etc. To win this race, you should master the Zoom presentation if it belongs to your duties. If you lack time, it’s always better to contact a professional presentation design service to concentrate on more specialized tasks.

In this material, we want to encourage you, explain virtual presentations peculiarities, and give tips for presenting on Zoom successfully.

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How to Present a PowerPoint on Zoom?

Speaking to the truth, people have low expectations regarding online presentations. We say it to encourage you because it means there is a large window of opportunity to shine in the online presentation world. Indeed, it is easier to impress people who expect little. Therefore, presenting Google slides on Zoom can both become your favorite activity and provoke a great space for procrastination.

Be Confident in Your Speaking

When you can bring confidence and energy to your presentation, it’s half of the battle. To win it, you should speak with enthusiasm, so choose a topic that drives you. Dry topics exist, but always try to choose or transform them into something engaging, thrilling, or even provocative, giving 110% of your energy to it.

PRO TIP: using hand gestures to communicate will help move around all extra energy coming from nerves. Also, name your nerves to the audience in an unalarming way. When you name a feeling, it loses control over you.

Preparing Before Presenting

What makes an online presentation so nerve-wracking? Yes, technology. So treacherous and unexpected. It means you should practice both your speech and the technical setup.

Our recommendations include the next:

  • Run your presentation 3 to 5 times to get acquainted with all Zoom features and buttons.
  • Practice it in a conversational manner and don’t read word for word of your notes.
  • Do not write your notes in full long sentences, people see when you read it 🙂
  • Create notes in bullet points to find the necessary points quicker.
  • Practice speaking into the lens of your webcam, namely into people’s eyes.
  • Do a technology test run: sound quality, lightning, and background.

And remember that nobody will punish you if you forget the word or take some time to calm down. We all are people who relate easily, so the only thing you can do to minimize the human factor is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE.

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4 Useful Zoom Presentation Tips for Virtual Presentations

A winning virtual presentation setup requires some life hacks. Many users miss functional Zoom possibilities, but effort and planning can drastically change your presentation. The following virtual presentation tips will elevate your Zoom presentation from a simple thing to professional creation.

1. Use Stream Deck

If you want to create real magic for a big audience, use the stream deck to switch between as many cameras as you need. Stream deck helps to ‘be on stage’ while holding:

  • Seminars.
  • Zoom for large groups.
  • Virtual keynote.

There are technical details to set it up, but the stream deck helps you create more than ‘sharing a screen’ with your PowerPoint in Zoom.

  • You can program any video, picture, or graphic to pop up whenever you need it.
  • You can easily illustrate important points or bring up some talking points you need to text on the screen.
  • Zoom can automatically take out the green screen for you, and no extra extensions are required.

Using the stream deck is absolutely simple but amazing to take your visual presentation to a new level.

2. Add Camera Box

Do not leave the audience with static slides while talking. You have to share a full screen, but we also advise you to add an image of yourself to keep in contact and remain engaging. Thus, the camera box helps to talk through slides and control how much you want to interact with the audience.

The 50/50 look with a graphic background filling the space is the most popular combination. Indeed, it engages your audience directly while giving your slideshow.

3. Avoid Animation

Animation works well with normal PowerPoint presentations. However, it doesn’t play correctly, and it jumps to the very last or ‘final’ state of the slide. So, the workaround is to design your Google slides differently.

For example, you can piece them out. It means you break them out slide by slide. Create separate slides for each individual ‘look’ if you want some animation effect. Basically, you create more slides instead of one slide with all the animations, which doesn’t work properly in Zoom

4. Think About Your Environment

The setting you are in matters. When delivering an online presentation, think about your background. You don’t want anything too distracting, so avoid places like the kitchen with all the kitchen crap behind you. You want something plain that looks professional.

For example, you can use standard backdrops that are pretty affordable on Amazon. If you’re going to be doing more online presentations, you should consider this worthy investment.

Besides, think about how quiet the area is. In some circumstances, you can turn off the camera, but what is the point of your presentation if people cannot hear you clearly?

Close windows, turn the light on, and concentrate on slides!


In today’s circumstances, Zoom presentations have become the only way we can communicate our plans and ideas to each other visually. So, it’s better to get accustomed quickly and impress with the hacks and recommendations we gave you today. If it’s not enough, and you still have a “How to do a presentation on Zoom?” question, contact our service to get a consultation and PowerPoint presentation design that will stand you out.

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