Inspiration for PPT: how to find design ideas
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Inspiration for PPT: how to find design ideas

It’s a common situation: you need a cool and visually appealing presentation, but absolutely no idea as to how to design it. Bonus points if the presentation is due tomorrow. The reason to that is not the lack of creativity — it’s just that your creative skills have a really bad day. What you really need in such a case is some food for your starving thoughts.  In other words, you need some sources to jumpstart your inspiration and get you going. And at first glance it doesn’t seem to be a problem: simply google something along the lines of “top 10 inspirational design ideas powerpoint” and you’re good to go. Or are you? In this article we’ll look at some resources that would help you find the idea that fits exactly with your topic and your vision. Let’s dive right into them!

Source 1: Use your own design experience

Try looking at your past victories. What worked in your previous presentations? Maybe you already presented a similar topic that you can get some interactive presentation ideas from? Alternatively, you can look at the pre-existing templates. You don’t have to just blatantly use them (unless you’re absolutely desperate), but you can get a solid base which may be easier to modify than to work out all the design from scratch. They would provide you with a simple solution that may not seem that much outstanding, but will have everything required for a good presentation. And after all, those templates aren’t so bad, just a little overused. That means that they might provide you with a good idea — just give it a new spin and you’re good to go!

Source 2: Websites, Magazines and more

Websites, videos, ads or any other visual media around your topic can give a great lead that you can use in developing your presentation topic ideas. While it’s an ultimately bad idea to simply copy the design, you can analyse its features. Try to answer the question: what makes you like the design you saw? Pay attention to the colour schemes, text layouts, fonts, and other features. 

Design trends can also be a good source to draw inspiration from. Sometimes it’s better to just follow the stream and go for what’s currently hip. Simply pick something recent that you really liked and start working from that point. And in the process of presentation creation, you’ll probably come up naturally with some little touches to make your design stand out. 

Source 3: Designer Resources

Websites dedicated to the design community are a bottomless rabbit hole of examples and solutions for design of pretty much everything, from presentation to a TV ad. Websites like Dribble or Pinterest allow you to browse through thousands of 5 minute presentation ideas related to your topic of choice. On the other hand, services like SlideShare can show you how to implement your ideas directly into presentation. Alternatively, you can try template-based websites. They contain fully customizable templates for dozens of various occasions. Canva, GraphicRiver or Creative Market are great choices. Our website also contains some templates you might find interesting. Just keep browsing — there’s a ton of great stuff that will surely inspire your next great presentation! 

Source 4: Go with simplicity

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to… remain simple. The trend of minimalism is very visible these days, especially in the logo redesigns. Presentation-vise minimalism means clean fonts, simple color schemes and a bare minimum of content. On the one hand it seems like limiting your design choices and presentation ideas. However, with less options at your disposal, it might actually be easier to create something original, interesting, and beautiful. 

A great source of minimalist design ideas is the Scandinavian design. This design type is the epitome of “less is more”. Muted colors, simple shapes and natural feel creates a relaxing atmosphere that is suitable for almost any presentation type giving you great leadership presentation ideas or interview presentation. While remaining stylish, your presentation would be simple, informative, and understandable. 

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Source 5: PowerPoint Design Ideas

PowerPoint includes a tool that can give you useful suggestions for the ppt slide design. It is a smart tool that analyses your content, slide background, layout, and suggests possible improvements. While it can help you select a better design idea for each slide, the most impressive feature that it contains is the artwork suggestion. PowerPoint design Ideas can detect keywords in your slide text and propose the matching artwork. For example, if you mention the words USA and “geography” several times, the tool would suggest a US map to put on your slide. What is more, it would show you several ways to place the map on the slide to get a visually appealing look. While this tool probably won’t provide you with original ideas, it is perfect for developing the design suggestions you may already have.

Source 6: Take a break

Perhaps, the best decision you can take to get inspired is to simply relax and take some time to rest. Creative block is often caused by you being overworked, and taking a break might clean up your head a little and provide you with some more creative energy. Just try not to think about work for a while. What can also work is to switch to some other task, if your problem is the one particular presentation design and not the complete lack of ideas. Maybe while you’ll be working on something else, you’ll be finally blessed with that design breakthrough that would allow you to continue the work on your presentation. 

To sum up: Where to find design ideas?

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. There is no universal way out of the creative block, and you probably have your own preferred methods. However, we really hope that some options from this article will suit you well. Boosting your creativity is not an easy task sometimes, but don’t worry – we’ve all been there! For a truly creative mind what usually needed is just a small spark of inspiration that would jumpstart your work. 

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