The biggest trends in graphic design for presentations in 2022/2023
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The biggest trends in graphic design for presentations in 2022/2023

Presentation trends are movements in the slide design that have been used extensively. They are not necessarily new, but they are recognized now, inspired from, and recommended for you to remain recognized as well. When you follow trends in presentation design, you impress your clients, remain competitive, or even set your trends for the next year.

We’ve done some research, and here are 6 presentation design trends for 2022/2023.

Monochromatic Design

Pure color or one color in different shades is what people prefer in slides now. They are tired of headlines where each letter stands for another color. The simpler, the better is the new black. Additionally, simpler color in the whole design branding is important for brand recognition and its ability to influence the industry.

Everyone knows the shade of Coca-Cola’s red or white and gray Apple combination. Thus, we will see more companies using average colors and subtle tonal differences to look modern.

3D Realism

Important: Do not misplace 3D Realism with the 3D illustration.

Now, tech companies are celebrating this trend most because it recalls the development of augmented and virtual reality. Thus, they are first to do any desirable form of 3D within their branding or web design to give a sense of depth. The design will change forever over the next few years, and hyper-realistic works will be an assertive part of it.

If tech development relates to your business, you should order a presentation with 3D elements to visualize the story and show the company’s level with references to slide trends 2022.

Serif Typefaces

Typical Times New Roman or Georgia has long been abandoned because people preferred funky Serifs. But old school is coming back with the 2022 presentation trends of simplicity. People are moving away from standard Sans Serif fonts (Arial, Calibri, Helvetica). And it also means we will see more creative versions of Serif.

Check this guide on How to select and use fonts in PowerPoint.

Nevertheless, Sans Serif may still be used for specific functional things in videos or as a part of your brand. For example, Facebook’s rebranding into Meta is made with the most inoffensive, while the futuristic logo and Sans Serif font.

Kinetic Typography

This trend belongs to animations, added to presentations by most creators. Such artworks, like gifs, frequently display turbulent words. You should have seen many typography effects in lyric videos, which we definitely recommend to inspire from for your modern slides.

This year, typography is becoming more than a trend because it allows people to read along with creative expression. Thus, you can transform simple headings on slides into ones with moving letters, which keeps engagement higher. Or you can create a data visualization presentation by moving texts and numbers.

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Disclaimer: Minimalism will not work for every presentation or brand, and the individual approach should always be embedded. Minimalism is not the be-all or fix-all of every design problem, so implement it wisely.

Some of you in or out of the design industry may hate minimalistic or simplified logos. Even though it feels corporate, the more simplistic logo, the less offensive and easier it is to remember. These are the facts and PowerPoint presentation trends nowadays. Whether you like it or not:)

And this movement will not stop because it is just ramping up its momentum. Burger King, Pringles, or Mozilla Firefox, to name a few. Hyper candy colors, 3D realism, heavy fonts, and other characteristics you can notice that brands use to hold power in the “excessive” world.


And the last trend shows that all fundamentals and rules are breakable in this industry, and you can set the trend by following no trends. Thus, anti-design is a rebellion against all rules in design, which finds its fans, followers, and propagators.

Anti-design is the repetitive use of elements in design that have warped and stretched to be expressively against the idea of design fundamentals.

Sometimes, design stops being designed in its works and becomes artistic in its form. Even though anti-design might not be functional, it will suit your PowerPoint or Google slides design for futuristic and creative agencies that cherish everything extraordinary and out-of-frame.


Trends are not critical to follow, but they are always good to know to be educated on to see what clients may potentially expect. Besides, paying attention to trends gives you a look into how the creative space is developing in the world of technology. If you follow presentation design trends year by year, you can even start predicting trends for the next few years.

But if you have more important business tasks, you can delegate presentations to our professional agency, which always keeps up with all design tendencies and movements. Get in touch with us here!

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