In-depth guide: launch your project on Product Hunt
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In-depth guide: launch your project on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a community for the best new projects and products. When you realize how to launch a Product Hunt and finally do it, you get a chance to rank in the ranking system among other tech enthusiasts. If you reach the top, many people will see your product listing and potentially download it to discover and investigate.

However, before you launch your product, many Product Hunt launch guides and other preparations go into it. We recommend always using a PowerPoint presentation company since the process you’ll experience needs a responsible and expert team to win.

How to Succeed in Product Hunt Launch?

A successful marketing campaign is worth the time, effort, and money to promote your product effectively in a crowded market. We bet your product is similar to multiple ones on the market. But we are sure you have a unique peculiarity(s) you just need to emphasize. The product campaign’s goal is to move to the front page and get noticed.

But how to get on the Product Hunt?

If you research how to get your app on Product Hunt and still feel worried, the next piece of advice will show you that everything is easy and transparent when you have a guide and a Product Hunt launch strategy.

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1. Prepare your network in advance

You must inform your audience of your plans for a new app or another service. It is wrong to spam everybody and send massive messages online. Some users suppose this behavior is an answer to how to go viral on the Product Hunt, but these votes have to be organic by real people who engage with your product. Thus, they comment on it, upload, and interact in any other way actively to move you to the top. They likely have a fabulous community and want to keep people away from outside spamming.

2. Put effort into your listing (aka GIFs)

It is essential to make sure your listing stands out, so get some graphic assets and any visual aid. 15 to 20 other product owners have googled typical tips on how to get on the Product Hunt, so you need to be creative and unique to get above your competitors. Additionally, a pitch deck designer or design agency is an excellent choice to attract and interact visually.

3. Launch and live on Pacific time

Product Hunt is based on the west coast of the US, and they impose it on everybody around the world. It does not matter where you’re launching on Product Hunt from ─ you’re playing on Pacific time rules. Tuesday or Wednesday at 10:30 CET is the best time to appear.

4. Integrate your job listings from AngelList

AngelList owns Product Hunt, and you can put wherever job listings you have that day onto your listing. Suppose people go down and find ‘Work with us’. They can see if you’re looking for a UX designer, graphic designer, or marketer. People are active in the Product Hunt community and will see your job listings. They are frequently looking at how to get hunted on a Product Hunt, which is an opportunity to get more talented staff.

5. Launch MUP instead of MVP

How to launch on Product Hunt? Apart from all design and technical tips, be ready to launch a Minimum Useful Product. Competition is high and strict, so hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Nevertheless, do not believe in pure luck and consider all risks and plans to mitigate them.

6. Track your success

After you’ve implemented everything above, you will probably want to track the success of your steps. Therefore, the number of comments/reviews, upvotes, downloads/installs, and mentions in the media. All product owners are looking for tips on how to get your product on the Product Hunt, and your task is to define the best ones, not to sound primitive and superficial.

To summarize how to go viral on Product Hunt, follow these tips:

  • Your social media and Product Hunt page need to work for you and engage more people with bright headlines, appealing images, and other evocative phrases.
  • Entertaining explainer videos or FAQ pages will help people understand your concept and idea.
  • On the launch day, respond to positive and negative comments, avoid counterarguments, and don’t be defensive.
  • It is okay not to be liked, so focus on interested people and build a dialogue with them.

If you are ready with your product idea but need sophisticated help with design and presentation, contact us and get a free consultation on how to tart up your idea. Let’s make a better world together!

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