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Presentations are a perfect medium for making business plan pitches.

Such presentations have to sell your idea by delivering information in a quick and digestible way. The presentation should be a quick summary of what your (potential) company does and why it can become incredibly profitable with the necessary funding.

Slides 1-3:

Mention your background, your organization, and its offerings. Portray your market and how you take care of your clients' issues. Clarify how your offerings are unique concerning whatever else available.

Slides 4-6:

Talk about the size of the market for your offerings, how big it is. Elaborate on who your clients are. Show how your market will develop for the following 3-5 years.

Slides 7-8:

Talk about the market benefits your business has that will lead to exceptional profits and corporate development. Show your projected income and pretax benefits for the following 3-5 years.

Slides 9-10:

Take a deep look at your advertising, including various communication channels and approaches to sales.

Slides >10:

Present your managerial team and other executives. Focus on some interesting individuals, talking about their background and how they contribute to the company. Also, clarify what every individual in the team brings to ensure the successful functioning of the company.

Last slides:

Unveil the sum of capital you need and a short rundown of the biggest expenses. By following this overall blueprint and zeroing in on the main data of the business plan, you'll answer the majority of the questions from potential investors. Give them all the information they need to settle on a decision.

Make sure to hit the most important features, and don't attempt to incorporate all business details. Too big a slide deck can exhaust the listeners and make them disinterested in your pitch. Focus on a business plan presentation of around 10-12 slides.


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