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In essence, all presentations are very similar.

They're not in the artistic medium; they're very practical, meaning people use slide decks only to communicate information clearly. Due to this fact, our outline for a presentation is universal, and you can apply it to any slide deck you're working on.

Firstly, any professional presentation service should base on the following notion: "Discuss what you're going to discuss in the main part(s), discuss the main subjects, quickly go over what you've discussed." This definition can be applied to any existing presentation, and it will be absolutely correct. This is why our outline for a presentation uses this definition as a foundation.

At the beginning of the presentation, you always must have a well-structured introduction. Don't extend it to be longer than 4 minutes. Create an attention-getting short paragraph centered around the main topic of the presentation. Then, quickly run through why your subject is important to talk about, why it's relevant to the listeners, and show a thematic preview of the presentation.

The main part's structure is very simple.

Create a sub-segment for each sub-topic or sub-argument you're trying to convey to the audience. Each such sub-segment first poses an argument and then supplements it with supporting material. Together, the sub-segments should have a nice flow and lead to an ultimate point.

The conclusion part simply mentions the main arguments from the main part and reviews them. It's good to yet again explain every argument posed in the presentation, but incredibly concisely, with 1 or 2 sentences.

That's it – this is the outline for a presentation that you can use whenever you're working hard on a deck of slides.

Before employing our outline for a presentation, you also have to know a couple of facts. The first one is that the average adult's attention to one topic usually lasts about 15 minutes. So, in the main part, you must divide your subtopics into 15-minute segments at max. Additionally, you might want to interject every segment with either audio-visual materials or interactive moments.


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