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Presentation software is at the core of business discussions, meetings, and development.

The need to share thoughts, impressions, enterprise practices and work processes is essential in a team environment. The capacity to introduce and discuss topics straightforwardly and objectively is an obvious requirement.

As of now, there are many options when it comes to presentation software, so which one to use? Luckily the choice isn't so hard because only a small number of programs are worth learning and using. Wondering what they are? We're sure that you already know most of them.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the image that comes to the minds of many when you mention "presentation software" to them. That's is definitely not an accident, as this application is a staple of the industry. It comes as a part of Office 365, and it's an incredibly powerful tool. Of course, it has a learning curve, but once you learn the tool, your presentations will be breathtakingly good.

Google Slides is a more recent addition to the market of presentation software. One of the most defining features about it is that it's a web application. You don't have to install any program onto your computer, because you can only access it via your browser. It's a bit more basic, but you still get a lot of functionality from a free tool.

Of course, Apple's native application for creating slide decks also deserves some recognition. You can consider it analogous to the Microsoft PowerPoint, but it's for the Apple computers only. It's also a very powerful tool, and it has a different workflow.

However, once you get used to it, working in it is a piece of cake.

Lastly, we'd like to highlight one of the newer programs for creating presentations, which is Prezi. It's also a web-application, but it's a much more high-level tool. Prezi does a lot of things automatically so that you can get beautiful slide decks more easily. However, that comes at the price of customizability.


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