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A sales presentation differs from other types of presentations in the sense that it dead-focused on selling something.

Most commonly, with such a presentation, you're trying to either sell a company product or a service. In any case, this dictates the structural outline of the presentation.

To ensure that your sales presentation is successful, just follow this plan for the deck:

  • Introduction

  • – You're introducing the thing you're trying to sell. Don't go at length about how great it is yet. Simply introduce it and what it does, keeping this part as short as possible.

  • A widespread issue

  • – This is where you introduce the issue(s) that your product or service solves. Show some figures that prove that the issue you're presenting is widespread, and many people need help with it.

  • The product as the key

  • – Now, you showcase how your product/service deals with the issue mentioned before. You can talk about all the benefits it brings and how much it improves the lives of customers who buy. Nail this point down because it's commonly where a lot of people already decide to buy in or not.

  • Product details

  • Now, in the sales presentation, you should showcase how it all works to diffuse any mystery behind the product. Potential clients usually want to know what they're getting if they buy into the company offerings.

  • Emotional aspect –

  • At this part, you can return to the benefits of using the product and focus on the positive emotions

    That it will bring (directly or indirectly). Feelings are incredibly important to the sales process, and you have to persuade the potential customers that your product will make them more content.

  • The price tag – Of course, avoiding the sales presentation price isn't an option.

  • Quickly address it and justify the pricing behind the product. If you give a reasonable explanation, the potential customers will be more open to buying what you're trying to sell.


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