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The slide design is an essential part of presentations.

It can either make or break the presentation, no matter how strong the arguments are being delivered. When trying to deliver lots of critical information, professional presentation design is all the more important because an incorrect data organization can actually hide the importance of the information.

Due to this, there are some vital principles in slide design to ensure that your deck is highly impactful and structurally strong:

  • One slide means one idea.

  • Don't try to cram as much information as you can into one slide. By doing so, you'll leave your audience confused as to which point you're currently discussing. Keep your slides as minimalistic as possible and leave the explanation to your speech. Let the slide be the visual focal point that shows the most memorable pieces of your message.

  • Transforming bullet points.

  • Great practice in slide design is to transform every simple, textual bullet point slide in your deck into graphical elements. Look for icons and make the bullet list be a part of the design and not plain text.

  • Make the slide templates thematic.

  • If the presentation circumstances allow, you can leave the official formatting behind and introduce graphical elements related to the discussed topic into the design itself. For example, if you're presenting sales figures on apples, you can create an introductory slide with apples in the design.

  • Avoid creating confusing graphs.

  • This point concerns two things: not removing extraneous data from graphs and not highlighting the data you're talking about. Firstly, edit the existing graph formats to remove repetition. Secondly, emphasize the specific data metrics you're currently talking about by making the graph interactive and highlighting the most important data.

Also, avoid using 3D graphs in your slide design, as they commonly unrealistically distort the relations between figuratively.


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