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You've created the first version of your slide deck, but it's still not ready to be used in a real-life presentation. You have to review it and improve presentation design to make it engaging. Here are the main principles for a PowerPoint extreme makeover:

  • Decide on style and color palette

  • Style.

  • The style influences the whole look and feel of a presentation. It incorporates the subject, shading range, font, and types of visual supplements. Before beginning the PowerPoint extreme makeover, fully comprehend the topic you're talking about, your listeners, and the general mood of the gathering. This will greatly influence the presentation's style.

  • Color palette.

  • Having no consistency in colors is frequently a major issue for most presentations. You can often find a bland colorless presentation or absolutely eclectic ones that have too much color. As a general rule for creating a cohesive color palette, you want to bring many neutral colors (white, black, gray) and spice it with color accents. Of course, you have to stay consistent with the accents and keep the colors the same.

  • Rework text-weighty slides

  • When it comes to presentations, it's best to edit down the text as much as you can. If you see the slides in your deck and they're filled to the brim with sentences upon sentences of continuous text – that's bad, and you must give these slides the PowerPoint extreme makeover.

    You start to do this by removing any information that's (1) repetitive and (2) carries no substantial information. Obviously, don't repeat the information in the same slide. Then, you should also remove any phrases that bring in your subjective and non-relevant information. Put brevity as your main objective to achieve.

  • Add impactful visuals and adding interaction

  • Overburdening your audience with textual data is a bad idea because humans get quickly tired of monotonous information. This is why inserting impactful visuals and adding interaction to the presentation is essential. Employ pictures, videos and add some activities where you directly interact with your listeners.

  • Improve the Layout

  • Of course, a big part of the PowerPoint extreme makeover for your presentation is improving the slide layout. There are a few main principles you should think about when amending your deck. Here are the most important tips to improving your slides:

  • Place elements on each slide utilizing a grid ruler;

  • Align elements with each other;

  • Leave enough empty space between elements.


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